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Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature

Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)


Thermal cameras are the first line of defense for industries and organizations that are faced with the difficult task of managing the risks associated with a global pandemic. When the United States was hit with the COVID-19 virus, it birthed a new era of security concerns. Having the right equipment to accurately detect Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) is the most effective way to keep your company protected against this physical threat.

Call SENA-TECH today for a consultation on how this technology can be put to work for you to keep your customers and employees safe.

Thermal cameras can be used to measure the temperature of a person with a high degree of accuracy in real-time. It can discover and track people that register with an elevated body temperature (EBT) among crowds in public areas. These cameras can be used to set up an EBT screening area in practically any situation.

Examples of places where EBT screening can be implemented:

  • Hospital
  • Market
  • Station
  • Airport
  • Railway
  • Office
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Crowded Areas
  • High-Risk Areas
  • Security Checks
  • Control Areas

Example EBT Screening Process

1] Set up a screening checkpoint at the entrance of your lobby or where it’s most appropriate for your location.

2] Do a thermal camera quick screening as the visitors come through the checkpoint entry to keep the line moving steadily and efficiently.

3] Take a secondary temperature reading at a secondary station with a thermometer for any people who registered an elevated body temperature.

Example EBT Screening Process

Thermal Camera Features

Embedded Audio Alerts can trigger alarms to notify operators when a person with an elevated body temperature is detected.

Human Body Detection allows the camera to detect one’s face and differentiate between it and other heat sources, reduces false readings, which might otherwise occur (e.g. when a person is carrying a hot drink, etc,).

Intelligent Algorithms are used for the temperature measurement in these devices, so they are able to detect a person’s temperature with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Thermal Camera Features


Here are a few examples of Thermal Imaging For Detecting Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) in action.